About us

A.Masow Architects is the Leading Architecture and Interior Design Firm in Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

In the international luxury market, A.Masow Architects is leading the way in high-end residential and interior design. A.Masow Architects brings a unique a creative take on modern, contemporary aesthetics for architecture in the New York and Miami regions.
At A.Masow Architects, our exalted, sophisticated designs speak through the many diverse voices of our treasured clients. Based in Miami and Los Angeles, A.Masow Architects design firm has gathered recognition for its distinct, innovative, and creative modern designs. If you desire a functional, yet beautiful interior for your high-end residential or commercial space, A.Masow Architects is dedicated to creating a dynamic environment just for you.

With decades of experience in the luxury architectural design field, we strive to bring you an efficient, integrated design regardless of your trade, specialization, or industry. We believe that at the core of any architectural space, that we can find the perfect solution for your aesthetic and structural needs. Our team of highly experienced and dedicated architects and design experts believes in creating an environment that is a distinct reflection of our client’s lifestyle, values, personality.

Our portfolio spans dozens of high-quality, unique designs that incorporate modern and contemporary aesthetics for Los Angeles and Miami residences. We’ve fostered intimate relationships with our clients, bringing them fresh designs that capture the spirit of what they desire for their space. We can provide design solutions for both contemporary and residential architecture.

Why should you choose A.Masow Architects?

●       We offer a multidisciplinary approach to all your design needs.

Our services span and encompass all aspects of space planning, interior design, 3D visualization, and industrial design.

We creating the story for your project.

●       Involvement from start to finish.

We’re honored that our clients trust us with their vision and we are more than happy to contribute our creative skills and professional expertise from the initial planning stages all the way to completion. We offer our valued clients comprehensive and detailed VR 360 images tours of their unique designs upon request so they can see exactly what they’ll be getting when they partner with us.

●       We pride ourselves on efficiency.

Planning, designing, and implementing an imposing architectural vision requires fast and efficient communication across a team of skilled professionals. Our communication process is streamlined across our group of specialized trade representatives and organizations, so nobody misses a beat.

At the A.Masow Architects design firm, we view every project as a unique opportunity to work closely with our clients to explore the project’s creative demands to the fullest potential. We’ll offer you designs that are guaranteed to meet the highest levels of functionality, economic benefit, and aesthetics. Our work will reflect the best of our abilities, and we will strive to create a design that will meet all of your objectives. A.Masow Architects employs a fresh approach to the modern design process.
Who do we serve?

●       Property owners

●       Architectural firms

●       Interior designers

●       Builders

●       Real estate

Our team of well-trained, knowledgeable, and dedicated architectural design professionals is happy to discuss your precise design needs. Please contact us today and get the modern aesthetic for your building that you desire and deserve.

CEO, Founder - Aibek Almassov